Alessio Alberghini - sax
Tiziano Zanotti - double bass

foto zanotti alberghini

Alessio Alberghini and Tiziano Zanotti, both multi-instrumentalists with several live and studio experiences, have developed this project with the aim of exploring their musical inspiration, paying special attention to the jazz and contemporary music influences.

Starting from the ten tracks of “Influences” (Echoes 2006), their first CD as a duo, and using just double bass and soprano sax, they perform a repertoire of original compositions and beloved jazz standards, generating new sounds and colours and experimenting uncommon improvisation lines. They try to dismantle and remount the structures of the jazz music, going back and forth between its typical language and other fascinations, in an effort to overcome the traditional roles assigned to their instruments and find new and more effective ways to value them. A duo which surprises for their energy and rhythmic quality.

The two musicians are currently recording their second album, which will move forward their experimentation effort, also through the introduction of other instrumentalists and effects.


CD "Influences" (Echoes 2006)
DVD "Live at the Castle" (Echoes 2007)
VIDEO "Gocce" (Echoes 2007)