Solo Bass

Tiziano Zanotti - double bass, electric 6-string bass, effects

solo bass

The band is a minimal one: electric bass and electronics. The artist's challenge is to be able to arrange a solo performance with the same energy and expression power like other instruments like a piano or a guitar can more easily do, all the time seeking to hold and excite the listener's attention.

The repertoire is a product of the musician's compositional effort: all the pieces have been designed and developed to be played in a live situation with only a 6-string bass (Zanotti's first instrument) and the support of a few and unobtrusive effects and percussion sounds. At a later stage, these compositions have been structured in a more complex way to be included in the disc "Gestire lo Spazio", faithful mirror of the magic atmospheres this musician can create in a live show.

Perfect technique, jazz and classical influences, very refined timbre, beautiful melodies, are some of the features you can find in this project, which presents a new and very personal way of experiencing and playing the electric bass.



CD "Gestire lo Spazio" (Echoes 2007)