cd live at the castle

Live at the Castle

Alessio Alberghini - sax
Tiziano Zanotti - double bass
Echoes 307

The double bass influences the saxophone. Or vice versa?

The dvd shows the shootage of the May 15 2007 concert of the Zanotti-Alberghini duo in the beautiful scenery of the Castello della Rocca (Cento), closing the “Concerti in Rocca” season, important classical music event organised by the Teatro Comunale “G. Borgatti”.

Starting from the ten tracks of “Influences”, their first CD as a duo, and using just double bass and soprano sax, they perform a repertoire of original compositions and jazz standards, showing all their virtuoso talent and energy. Rhythmic and nervous atmospheres are alternatively followed by a more lyrical and reflective mood, either exciting or moving the listener in a very direct and simple way.


 1. XA (T. Zanotti)
  2. Un Giorno per Amare (A. Alberghini)
 3. Inspired to Benny (A. Alberghini)
 4. Dettagli (T. Zanotti)
 5. Evidenze (T. Zanotti)
 6. Oleo (S. Rollins)
  7. Inner Urge (J.Henderson)
  8. Chucho (P. D'Rivera)

Extra Feature - Gocce (T. Zanotti)

Recorded May 15, 2007 at the Castello della Rocca Cento (FE). The concert was promoted by the Teatro Comunale “Giuseppe Borgatti” of Cento (FE) within its 2006-2007 artistic season. Extra Feature: Recorded July 26-27 2007 at Full Digital Recording Studio, S.Giovanni in Persiceto (BO)