Echoes was born from a meeting.

A meeting between two people sharing a same, deep passion for music, and featuring complementary attitudes and skills: on one side, a strong creativity gift and over 20 years of experience as a music teacher, composer and performer; on the other side, an organisational approach and initiative developed after many years of work in the cultural and educational field.

From this encounter, we have decided to design and set up a very small label with which to organise our own music activities and products, involving other people who share the same approach and enthusiasm as ourselves.

After all, we believe that it is still possible to find a space for personal expression and artistic creation within the global music scene of today.


Music instruction series

We design and publish original learning book series for the electric bass, the double bass, and the main theoretical subjects (harmony, theory, piano, etc.) required for a sound musical training. Our texts are organised in progressive levels and can be valuable tools for teachers, music schools and generally all the people who wish to develop a full musical preparation in terms of performance, composition and improvisation.

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Recording label

We produce discs that fully support the artist's ideas and freedom, with no genre limitation but with a certain preference for the jazz and contemporary music influence, and the research of new sounds and effects. We pay special attention to the pre-recording phase, when we try to help the musician develop his/her project to its best, as well as to the technical quality of the recording, thanks to the collaboration with qualified partners endowed with the most state-of-art recording equipment and skills. We also do our best to promote our products, making contacts with the specialised press as well as with festivals, concert organisations, and venues.

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Live proposals

We collaborate with a number of live bands and songwriters who are available for performances in theatres, venues, events or festivals, both in Italy and abroad. For every artist or group we work with, we have prepared a detailed description and uploaded a few audio/video files to evidence the originality and high quality of their artistic projects.

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