foto giorgi e zanotti


Diego Gavioli - director
Alessio Alberghini - sax
Tiziano Zanotti - double bass, cello
Echoes 407
€ 8,00

A very peculiar video recreating a captivating musical piece whose nature is not easy to classify: not that jazz, hardly ambient, let alone classical… or maybe all of this?

This piece by Tiziano Zanotti is characterised by an overdubbed double bass that creates an almost obsessive rhythmic texture against which Alessio Alberghini's sax freely improvises its evolutions. Just for its indefinite quality it is generally proposed by the duo as opening track of their concerts.

By intermingling colours, transparent images and superimpositions all around (and inside!) the piece icon, the director seems to actively interact with the two musicians, being able to add new elements to this beautiful piece. So we can well say that in the end the duo has become a full trio.

Recorded July 26-27 July at Full Digital Recording Studio, S.Giovanni in Persiceto (BO).